Posted on: December 5, 2008 10:21 pm

Plaxico Burress: Me, Myself and My Gun

Why carry a firearm?  "I'm a celebrity, I'm a public target, I need to protect myself".

Logical question with a logical answer, BUT your an NFL player you travel all across the country.  Why not register the gun in any state with an NFL team?  The law requires any firearm to be registered in any state you plan on spending prolonged time in.  Going on vacation?  Register the firearm or LEAVE IT HOME.

On top of all that you managed to shoot yourself, doesn't that negate the point of carrying the gun in the first place?

He conmitted two felonies.  Just another waste of NFL talent.

Two felonies that word puts his name up there with Michael Vick.

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Posted on: October 8, 2008 8:40 am
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Al Davis: The Dictator

Why was Lane Kiffin fired?  Sure Al Davis went on a spending spree, but did that really make this a win now team?  No, just because Merrimen is hurt doesn't mean the Raiders needed to win now.  Davis may have just added another year to his already 6 season long rebuilding phase.  Under Kiffin the Raiders went from a terrible offense to a marginal offense.  He added 115 points to their offensive campaign.  They say Kiffin got fired because the Raiders lost more leads in the fourth quarter than games they actually won, but isn't that usually a defenses fault?  This team was making progress at the very least, but because Al Davis' "Commitment to Loserdome" this team will go nowhere.  Because anything Cable does this season probably could've been done by Kiffin.

Art Shell was a Hall of Fame offensive lineman, Hall of Shame head coach.  He couldn't do anything with Randy Moss!  Whether or not Moss wanted to be their doesn't matter Shell couldn't get this defense to score.  The problem with this team is the owner...hey lets just be glad Davis isn't in a real position of power like congress or vice-president, or we'd really be in trouble!

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 12:04 am
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Shawne Merrimen

How can you tear two major knee ligaments and ignore 6 doctors suggestions to sit the season and have surgery?  Little late to talk about this one since he finally decided to have the surgery.  For those who don't understand what exactly these ligaments are here is a rundown LCL and PCL.  The PCL stands for Posterior Cruciate Ligament and it holds Femur and Tibia bones toghether with the ACL.  The LCL stands for Lateral Collater Ligament and it connects the Femur and the Fibula.  Do you think you could do non-contact daily tasks with these ligaments sprained or partially torn?

We are talking about ligaments that hold BONES TOGETHER, not little finger is broke wrap it up so I can play.  I remember watching Marcus McNeil playing a game in his rookie year with two broken hands, as he went on to keep Freeney out of Rivers face while L.T. did what he does.  The point im trying to make here is you can tape a hand and hold it toghether but some paper clips and chewing gum is not going to keep Merrimen's knee toghether on game day.  He needed to do the best thing for this team moving forward, and he can say he's fine but what Charger doctor cleared him to touch the grass?

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